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LinkedCar is a groundbreaking decentralized ecosystem driven by drivers' consent.
We are on a mission to connect drivers and their data with the mobility ecosystem, forming the largest and most reliable Blockchain platform ever.  

3 steps towards connected mobility
The Blockchain

One platform

Our Blockchain platform empowers mobility partners to enhance and streamline their internal operations, while keeping their customers top of mind. Connect with all your customers simultaneously or assist an individual, our platform enables you to work seamlessly with real-time vehicle data.   

Mobile App

One app

With the LinkedCar app, we place the reins of data firmly in the hands of the drivers themselves. The choices are theirs to make : 

Data sharing : It's their call on what data to share.

Data Recipients : They decide who receives their data.

Rewards : They get paid via tokens/coins . 

We believe in giving drivers the power to drive their data decisions. 

Connected Car

All vehicles connected

At LinkedCar, our foremost priority is to return data control to the driver. We achieve this by liberating data from the confines of the vehicle and placing it securely into their hands. (consent)  This approach enables us to seamlessly link the driver to the entire automotive ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, the potential for monetization is boundless.  For everyone ... 

LinkedCar : Revolutionizing mobility 

At LinkedCar, we're at the forefront of transforming the future of mobility. Our decentralized web3 platform connects drivers and their vehicles (NFT) with the entire mobility ecosystem, creating an efficient and lucrative experience for everyone involved. 

Our Awards

Belgian startup of the year
Top 5 Startups of the Year 2021 - Belgium

Not just our solutions, but also our vision, our values, and our teamwork is being valued as an important asset with the nomination of this award.

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