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New data, 
New opportunities 

The award-winning platform for Dealers, Insurance companies, Lease companies, Road Side Assistance, and Consumers ...

LinkedCar's solution creates a new vehicle data era. From a scattered and individual landscape to a collective mobility ecosystem centralizing the driver. 

Enabling new business models, financial models, innovations, better customer relationships, customer insights, and real-time problem-solving.

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Towards Connected Mobility in 3 steps:




All your customers,
one Platform

Our Connected Mobility Platform allows the mobility partners to streamline and optimize all their internal processes while keeping their customers top of mind. Connect with all of your customers at the same time or help out an individual, all while working with live vehicle data.  

All the data,
one App

Our app puts the data in the drivers hands.

 From there it's up to them: 

What data do they want to share? 

Who do they want to share the data with?

What do they want in return for your data?

All your vehicles,

To ensure that the driver regains control over their own data, we get the data out of the vehicle and into their hands. 

This allows us to connect the driver to the entire automotive ecosystem, using live vehicle data and optimized flows.

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Our Awards

What our customers say about us

The LinkedCar platform is an amazing solution that allows unused data to become valuable! The solution is easy to use, there is no hassle, and it optimizes your specific processes in no-time.
It doesn't matter if you are looking for customer insights, dealership efficiency, or customized marketing, this system provides it all. I am a huge fan!

- J. v. Driessen

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