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From car-centric to driver-centric mobility

Empowering Drivers with Data Control : Igniting new Business Models !

"Your data, your control". That's why we founded LinkedCar... 

Our mission is to return connected vehicle data to the driver's hands. With the rise of Web3 and the decentralized approach of Blockchain technology, we've crafted a unified platform where you have the power to decide which data to share and at what level of detail. For every piece of data you choose to share, you'll be rewarded with tokens through a Smart Contract. 

Rather than viewing data ownership as a challenge, we see it as the wellspring of fresh business models; financial strategies and innovations. 

The LinkedCar app is purpose-built to reclaim data ownership and facilitate monetization opportunities for all participants within the ecosystem. 

Apple phone with LinkedCar

One app

Drivers have the ability to synchronize up to 5 vehicles within the app, granting hem a comprehensive overview of all data generated (not only connected vehicle data - but also insurance contract, road side assistance etc...). Our app fosters an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and connectivity among all users. 

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