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Empowering Drivers and Elevating Ecosystems
LinkedCar - where vehicle data unlocks competitive advantage for all !  

A shared Value Cycle

Car data becomes a shared asset, all stakeholders in the automotive industry participate in value creation. Data providers and consumers benefit from fair valuation and rewards while smart contracts ensure fair compensation for sharing vehicle data. 

Empower drivers with blockchain-based vehicle ownership

With a LinkedCar NFT, drivers have verifiable proof of vehicle ownership on the blockchain. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles - access insurance, loans and more through a simple cryptographic token. 

A new driver-centered model

LinkedCar puts drivers in control of their data through consent-based sharing. In return the driver gets tokens to use within our expanding mobility network. By putting drivers first we create a more transparant and collaborative ecosystem where everyone wins. 

Build the mobility network of the future

As the first platform to link drivers through open-source decentralized tech, we are creating a foundation for a more innovative, inclusive automotive industry. 

Apple phone with LinkedCar

Join our MVP program

The LinkedCar blockchain platform can only work if we all work together. Do you want to be part of our Early Adopter Program ? contact us ! 


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