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Our Connected
Mobility Platform:

the key to customer insights & loyalty

The only automotive multi-brand solution that brings the dealer and customer experience to the next level.

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Are you on top of your (customer) data?

A lot of disruptions are taking place in the automotive industry. As a dealer, you of course want to stay on top of all these changes. You want to know how many cars your sales are going to sell, how much revenue these deals will bring you, how you can do upselling and cross-selling, what to do to connect with your customers and how to create an unforgettable experience so they love to come back in the future to buy a new car. It all seems simple, but that's not always the case in reality.

We want to help you to make a change and provide you with a solution that focuses on efficiency and user-friendliness. In co-creation with you, we optimize your internal processes in a way that you only need one application: our Connected Mobility Platform. It brings together streamlined data that is now in different data silos, so you don't have to worry about wasting time finding the right information. It's all there, with one click, in one application!

Really? Yes, really!

Our Connected Mobility Platform is built on the world's leading CRM-system Salesforce. A system with a user-friendly design that allows dealer flexibility and centralized control. It gives you the advantage that the customer is in the center of your business. Creating strong customer relationships and customer loyalty, easy to maintain, based on seamless customer journeys, and increasing your overall performance and efficiency. 

Our solution offers you a variety of advantages:


One centralized data platform

Instead of using 18 different systems, we suggest using 1. One system that links directly with all your other systems and creates a 360 degree view on your customer, over all business units.


Independent & Multi-brand

You are the owner of your processes. No matter the brand, we work from a customer perspective. Allowing data to flow across all brands and switch between cars with one click.


Data management over all BU's

We bring together activities from all business units in an integrated, seamless customer journey to provide an end-to-end customer lifecycle. This way we secure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

All business units in one clear overview

Your sales need to be people experts, not IT experts. Our easy-to-use solution integrates all your other systems so your salesmen can focus on what's important: happy customers!

Sales & Customer Services

Looking for personalization and mass communication at the same time? No problem! Our solution provides a 360° customer view with tailored journeys to the individual needs of your customers.

Other Business Units

One system that communicates with all business units, regardless of brand, that's what LinkedCar is awarded for. No more useless processes or printouts of reports that nobody wants to look at. 

Our Features: 

The customer data from various databases (DMS), mapped into one common view

Interested in our system but need to use other systems as well? No problem, we can integrate!

We can configure your systems into our overview. Input the data in our platform and watch it appear in other systems (or the other way around)!

Fleet policies

Does a customer have strict rules about their fleet? No problem, enter the restrictions once and everybody knows.

Order & offering management

Easy integration with your point of sales system to provide a clear overview of offers and orders for every customer.

VAT check

Never miss an invoice again! We automatically cheque the VAT number in the European database. 

GDPR consent management

Let's get into the digital era with mobile and contactless GDPR consents via QR codes. 

More to come ...

We keep on developing our platform to fit your needs. New fun features are being developed as you read this. 

Activity logging

Seamless customer follow-up via our simple logging systems. Easy-to-use timeline for a quick view on your customer's history.

Test drive overview

Waisting leads due to bad follow-up after a test drive? Not anymore! We make sure your system automatically follows up or assigns tasks to do so.

360° customer view

Want to tailor your customer's needs even more? Integrate hobbies or other information to provide an optimal service. 

Email validation

Never get a response on important emails? Don't know if the spelling is correct or if it still exists? We check it for you!

Integrated reports and dashboards

Want to follow up with your team? Our dashboards allow you to filter and zoom in as much as needed. Get a detailed or general overview that both you and your employees understand very easily.

Tailored to you

Do you need a very specific feature or integration? Let us know! We are more than happy to tailor our platform to your needs.

Agenda planning

Never forget an appointment again with your meetings and activities directly scheduled in your calender.

CTI integration

Enables call-related tasks to be handled directly in our application.

Let your call center agents focus on what's important: customer contact and let the system provide them with all information needed for handling a call effortlessly.

Omnichannel Marketing Flows & Automation

Integrate all channels and touchpoints and catalog the data of interactions with your customers. Build the optimal journey and involve your entire business in providing top-quality customer service.

User-friendly interface

Your sales & marketing people don't need to be IT experts to do their job. Our system is self-explanatory and easy-to-use. 

Seamless customer follow-up

Have an overview of your entire process with just one click. No more individual post-its. No matter where your clients are in your flow, we've summarized it all in a handy to-do list.

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