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Boost your sales

Easily manage customer contacts,
the perfect CRM solution for automotive dealers.

In order to stay on top of changes and to continue being a competitive player in the market, we focus on an efficient solution for connecting data. Our CRM solution, based on Salesforce technology,  allows the mobility partners to streamline and optimize all their internal processes while keeping their customers top of mind. Discover what our CRM software can do and why it is worth it to implement!


One platform

We connect all data silos to one centralized platform.



We are free to connect to any system or application you use.



We offer a multi-brand solution.



We make sure that every department in your car dealership can use our CRM software.

OttoBee Platform Visual.png

1 CRM tool

A sales representative starts and ends his day by using just one CRM tool. We gather all relevant information about customers, deals and vehicles in one overview. With easy integration to DMS and OEM systems. Together we work towards an efficient and effortless user journey!

360° customer view

Our CRM system gives you one overview of all data, which guarantees a 360° view of your customer. That's why using a CRM software is so important, always being able to serve your customers according to their needs and expectations. A seamless journey for the user and the customer is what we aim for!

Some OttoBee features

Order & Quote Management

Easy integration with your point of sales system to provide a clear overview of quotes and orders for every customer.

Easy integration to DMS & OEM

Interested in our system but need to use other systems as well? No problem, we can integrate! We can configure your systems into our overview. Input the data in our platform and watch it appear in other systems (or the other way around)!

Dealer performance management

Seamless customer follow-up via our simple logging systems. Easy-to-use timeline for a quick view on your customer's history. Improve dealer performance in no time!

Lead & sales funnel management

Have an overview of your entire process with just one click. No more individual post-its. No matter where your clients are in your flow, we've summarized it all in a handy to-do list.

Data cleaning email & VAT

Never miss an invoice again! We automatically check the VAT number in the European database. 

Omnichannel marketing flows & automations

Integrate all channels and touchpoints and catalog the data of interactions with your customers. Build the optimal journey and involve your entire business in providing top-quality customer service.

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