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Connect with the entire
mobility ecosystem

From car-centric to driver-centric mobility


What happens when you give drivers control of their data? 
New business models arise!

We all know innovation is key. We are moving towards an era where the owner controls his own data. 

Instead of seeing data ownership as a threat, we have discovered it creates many opportunities for new business models, financial models, technologies, and innovations. It allows partners to connect with a customer in real-time. The LinkedCar Connected Mobility App and Platform can build a loyal relationship, act proactively and more efficiently, with less effort and costs.                 

Our Connected Mobility App is built to give back ownership to the driver. No matter what part of the mobility ecosystem you are in, we can help: from car (or even e-bike) sales, lease, or fleet management to insurance and roadside assistance. Our app creates an ecosystem where we can all work together to reach each other with just one app. 

Would you like to see our amazing app?

Our app works together with our new hardware device that gets the data out of your car. Currently, we are developing and testing at full capacity to make sure you get the highest quality data usable with just one click.


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