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The route of LinkedCar

"We don't just see the data-driven future, we build it!"
- Mario Schraepen, Chief Believer

LinkedCar brings the mobility industry to a new data era. LinkedCar believes that every driver should be in full control of their data. Our belief puts the driver in the middle of the mobility ecosystem and gives all other partners a chance to connect to not just the vehicle, but also to the driver controlling the data.

LinkedCar brings every element of the mobility ecosystem together, bundling the entire vehicle management in one easy-to-use app for the customer and an efficient & connected platform for the other partners. Empowered by a hardware device created by the experts of Karel de Grote Hogeschool (BE), LinkedCar gives the customer, dealer, insurer, and every other partner in the ecosystem access to a wide range of data. All, while the driver stays in control. Built on top of the trusted Salesforce platform, LinkedCar's solution aims to empower everyone in the mobility ecosystem to create a new future today.

We believe that data should create value for everyone, not just the ones who claim to own it. Therefore, our mission is to streamline all complex vehicle data processes into one easy-to-use solution. This way every stakeholder in the mobility ecosystem can use the data to its full potential. Opening the door for better customer relationships, new businesses, financial models, and new technologies & innovations.

Our vision is simple: give back vehicle data to the rightful owner: the driver.

We're very passionate about our vision and believe the future is not car-centric but driver-centric.

Fun, Social Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Responsibility & Openness are supported by the entire team. Attention to the individual and a passion for learning is what makes the story of our start-up.


Our technology is based on the nr 1 CRM system in the world. Giving our platform countless benefits, like security, customization, integration, and so much more!


The experts of the research institution of Karel de Grote University College are ensuring the simplicity of our complex hardware device.


 Creditsafe’s integration in our platform supports and optimizes risk and credit management, workflows, business decisions, and commercial opportunities.


We are proud to be part of Belgium's biggest and best start-up accelerator. 

As alumni, we help other young startups today. 


With the 1% Pledge we hope to give back. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have as much luxury as we are used to. This way we hope to help in creating a better world for all.

drivers4lifeV2 (1) (1).png

The future of mobility is changing rapidly. If we want to benefit from the upcoming trends we need to adapt now. Drivers4Life is an online event hosted by LinkedCar to bring together inspiring voices in mobility. To identify the challenges of tomorrow and bring together different partners to find solutions. 

Interested? Have a look at our event website!

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