Mobile Digital Passport of Your Car

Your car in your backpocket


Digital Car Passport

Problems with your car?  When was your last maintenance? What is included in your insurance contract? And on top of that - an easy way to communicate with your dealer, your insurer etc. Yep - we do it!



As a consumer you face a couple of challenges with your car.

Image by Marius Masalar

My car = my data


Mobile App

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Every car connected

You own the data

You buy a car, so you own also the data that your car is generating. It's as simple as that.  Unfortunately, big car-brands think they own your cardata and they sell that data without you knowing it. So every time you drive a connected car, those big brands make money! GDPR you say, and you want to 'unsubscribe'? Impossible! We want to change this! You need to have the possibility to monetize your data. Period!

Your digital car passport

Why use a different app per brand? We combine everything in 1 native app, regardless of the brand of your car. You can even add multiple cars in the same app (the car of your partner for instance). 
And we don't stop there ... We believe in 1 central platform for everything car-related. So also have access to your maintenance history, your insurance, even your latest car inspection. Yep, everything car related in 1 native user friendly app.

We connect every car!

You think only new cars are connected? Think again - we have a blackbox that can be easily installed in your car and turns every car a connected car.
Now you can also go digital. What's your car oil level, your driving behavior, your battery status, ...
In general, we can connect all cars starting from the year 2000.